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This attachment is outstandingly good. I honestly wasn't expecting much. I have long, thick, naturally curly hair that is very hard to straighten and even harder to keep straight. I use a top of the range Parlux hairdryer and an Ibiza blow drying brush, so I am already using excellent tools, but my hair is very difficult to manage. This attachment got my hair so much sleeker and straighter than I am able to achieve on my own, and it has lasted 48 hours so far. I am very impressed. The price is amazing, too. Do not hesitate to buy this fantastic attachment!

You’ve no idea how brilliant this is until you’ve tried it! My frizzy hair takes ages to dry & this magic nozzle attachment dries my hair in half the time & leaves it looking soooooo sleek!!! I love it!! I was even asked by someone if I’d had a Keratin treatment !! Thank you Daroko! A real POWER styler 😍😍

Absolutely love this product. I didn’t think it would actually blowdry hair in half the time but it actually does and with such a smooth beautiful finish! Just be sure that you do tighten the attachment to the nozzle with pliers to secure it. At first I thought it just didn’t fit but I contacted the pro styler Instagram page and they were so helpful and got back to me within minutes as instructed me on what to do. Well worth the money and excellent customer service!!