About us

Roi Korach Founder of Daroko

Thank you for coming to check out The Power Styler - I really appreciate you!

My name is Roi Korach, the founder of Daroko and inventor of The Power Styler range of hairdressing tools. I studied engineering at university and later followed my passion and went into the hairdressing industry. 

A few years back, when I was blowdrying my mum's hair, again... (I KNOW you get it!) I was thinking to myself "HOW can I make blowdrying MORE effective?!"

So I got to work...

Combining my love for hairdressing and my engineering skills I invented The Power Styler a ceramic attachment that fits onto the end of your hairdryer nozzle (check size guide) to create shinier, smoother, silkier hair that lasts longer in LESS time!! Imagine a hairdryer AND Straightener in one!! 

Since then, I have gone on to create The Power Style range of products including my The Power Styler Blow Out brushes expertly engineered to give the perfect tension and grip. 

I have also invented and patented the Original Fresh Wigs Drying Unit. A revolutionary wig drying head used to easily, quickly and safely dry your wigs. When I used to style wigs I always found that the net would stay wet and clients would comment that it was still damp. Again, I used my engineering skills to invent a wig drying head that would dry from the INSIDE out, drying the net, the roots and the length of the hair in a matter of minutes, rather than hours!

My mission is to make hairstylist's (like myself) life easier by creating high quality innovative products that are user friendly, competitively prices that REALLY work!

 If you have any questions, please contact me on thepowerstyler@daroko.com