Fresh Wigs Drying Unit - Only use with cold air
Fresh Wigs Instructions - COLD AIR
Fresh Wigs Drying Unit - Only use with cold air
Fresh Wigs Drying Unit - Only use with cold air
Fresh Wigs Drying Unit - Only use with cold air
Fresh Wigs Drying Unit - Only use with cold air
Fresh Wigs Drying Unit - Only use with cold air

Fresh Wigs Drying Unit - Only use with cold air

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The Fresh Wigs Drying Unit is available to purchase form your Local Amazon Store.

Search Fresh Wigs Drying Unit and please be aware of copies, fakes and counterfeit items. Only sold By "Daroko The Power Styler" is the original and all other products are inferior.



"This product has completely transformed the way I dry and style my real hair wigs! It's so efficient that I actually washed, dried and styled 3 of my wigs in the space of two hours when it would normally have taken 3 days! Would I recommend it - without a shadow of a doubt"

We receive incredible review, after incredible review from people, just like you, that wear or work with wigs and feel like there must be an easier way to wash and dry wigs, safely and quickly... 


Introducing the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit...

♥️ IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO DRY YOUR WIG IN MINUTES...dry your wig quickly, easily and safely from the INSIDE OUT. Using only COLD air, the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit allows you to simply wash, dry and style your wig in the comfort of your own home. No longer will you need to have wigs drying for days at a time, hanging in bathrooms or near fans willing them to dry. Fits onto universal Wig Clamps (not included).
♥️ COLD AIR circulates through the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit drying the wig net, roots and length of the wig in a fraction of the time (usually 10-15 minutes depends on length of the wig). Air flows through the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit and circulates allowing the wig net to dry thoroughly and stop the net staying damp causing bad odours, a common problem when washing wigs.
♥️ SAFELY DRIES natural hair and synthetic wigs. Prolong the life of your wig and keep it feeling and smelling clean and fresh - Wigs are expensive and so you must treat them with care. The Fresh Wigs Drying Unit causes no damage to your wigs when drying. Wash and dry your wig and handsfree - allows you to style the wig at the same time as drying. Wash your wig more frequently, cleaning away environmental pollutions, odours and styling products that build up on the hair and scalp. 
♥️ SECRET WEAPON - The Fresh Wigs Drying Unit is the quickest drying Wig dryer on the market and is used around the world by Celebrity Wig Stylists and 'Behind The Scenes' Stylists working on television, Film and Theatre sets. Claiming the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit is a "lifesaver", "absolutely genius" and "its their favourite wig accessories that they could not live without".
♥️ EASY TO USE simply place the end of your hairdryer nozzle into the opening, secure the wig on the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit using the wig clip strap provided, switch onto cold and you are ready to go.


Fresh Wigs Drying Unit is Great Value - Comprises: Fresh Wigs Drying Unit, Hair Dryer Bungee Cord and Wig Chin Strap.

So what does it do? Introducing the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit, a patented, unique wig drying head that has been cleverly designed to dry your wig from the inside out, in a fraction of the time! Hailed as "ingenious" and "a must-have for anyone that wears wigs".

Instructions: Simply insert any hairdryer (max. barrel size 60mm) into the opening, switch hairdryer to COLD setting and sit back and let the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit do the hard work for you! Fits onto universal Wig Clamps (not included). The scalp area has little holes evenly spread out allowing the air to evenly circulate and dry the wig safely and quickly.

It really is that easy! In moments, the wig net and roots will start drying then continues on to dry the length of the wig.

How long does it take? Traditionally wigs are left to dry naturally to preserve the life of the wig and the integrity of the hair’s natural movement, which can take well over 24 hours in colder/damper places. The Fresh Wigs Drying Unit means that there is no need to wait around as the wig can be washed, dried and ready to wear in under half an hour!

Heat styling can seriously damage a wig and therefore the cold air maintains the life of your wig saving you money in repurchasing expensive replacements. Once the wig is dry, the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit is the perfect wig head to store your wig. At the end of the day, place your wig on the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit to "freshen" up after a day of sweat and tackling environmental pollution.